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Website is more significant for any business. Based on this current site's your business mostly recognize by the peoples. How your website is enlightening to your customers about your business. A good business contain best and nature of your business.

Types of websites

1.   Blogs

2.   Business/Corporate Websites

3.   NGO /Non-Profit Websites

4.   E-Commerce Websites

5.   Educational Websites

6.   Entertainment Website

7.   Portfolio Website

8.   Social Media Websites

9.   Forums

10.   Web Portals

11.   Directory and contact pages

These are the generally used types in websites. Your business I s related among the above types below information is very much useful to you..

Why Choose Clemence

Clemence web solutions Is one of the best and low cost website designing and Development Company in valasaravakam. We have more experience and best group for the web designing services. We will done your website as per your favored software languages.

Technologies we used

·  HTML : HTML means Hypertext markup language. This is the fundamental and first language used for the website designing. By using in this HTML will correct the coding stricter of a website. Every designer must should learn about the HTML language for best web designing.

·  CSS : CSS means Cascading Style Sheets. This is the next basic language for website designing. CSS will useful to get the structure and design of the website. Without CSS you can’t appropriate proper structure of website. Both HTML and CSS are the come alternatively. Those two are like food and energy. Without food you can’t get energy.

·  Java Script : It is starting new language. If you want to learn more software languages You should must gain the java script. It is fundamental for all new modern languages. It mainly used for back end developers. For back end developers more XML documents are present. In this java script completely  contain XML documents. It is not necessary for frontend developers.

·  SQL : SQL means structured query language. It is used to stored data in terms of programming languages. In this language is primarily used in ecommerce websites for stored mass data in coding process. You can get your stored data in anywhere through the web..

·  .NET : DOT NET is completely programmed language. It will used to compose the programs for websites, mobiles apps, new software’s. You can changed your programs in to any other languages by utilizing in this DOTNET. It will compose any kind of complex programming's in to very easily.

Not only in those languages We work in any type of languages dependent on the customers requirement. 

 Any kind of web design and development service will done in our organization at low prize with high abandoned work compared to other companies. We previously done more projects in website designing and development all of our customers are satisfied with our work.  Our primary point is 100% consumer loyalty..

  If you need any website at best and low cost in above notice sites types Choose our organization Clemence web solutions. Not only web designing we will do all types of software related services in our organization.   

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